In nature’s abode
Shraman High is located between lush farmlands where students enjoy playing as well as studying in the open environment. We are creating an eco-friendly campus which will set an example for the students and at the same time they will realize the importance of nature. Fruit bearing trees are planted insider the campus. Simultaneously, solar power is going to be are main source of power. We will recycle our resources with the help of the techniques like Rainwater Harvesting and Waste Water Management.

Ideal Classrooms
The ideal classrooms of Shraman High contains all the needs of student life in itself. They are well furnished with wifi-enabled classroom projector or television where students can learn visually by Apple tv/ Ipads/ satellite tv. We are providing in-class library for reference, in-class storage for teachers and lockers for the students where they can keep their things safely. Even the furniture of the class is made according to the age and needs of the students.

Toddlers Territory
The needs of the students studying in pre-primary are exceptionally different. Pre-primary classrooms are equipped with the Montessory educational tools . also, a separate playzone is created for toddlers where they can play safely and attain proper growth.