Global Curriculum

Global recognition
ICSE course has got better recognition as compared to CBSE and State Board of India all over the world. The reason to that is, the base of ICSE course is the IGCSE course of Cambridge. That’s why, the students studying ICSE are directly admitted to the international institutions.

Comprehensive Learning
ICSE board doesn’t focus only on science related subjects but it provides equal attention on all the subjects which helps the students to acquire overall knowledge of all the fields. And apart from that practical education is being provided instead of cramming the books which accumulates knowledge forever in the minds of the students.

Sensibility and Understanding
The students who have studied in ICSE course develop a better understanding and sensibility regarding the issues of nature, society and world. The students who are interested in the studies of Management, Humanities, Art and Design, ICSE course proves as a better source of acquiring education.