Language First

Our primary aim is to develop the ability to communicate in sophisticated English & Hindi and to be able to easily acquire knowledge so widely available in English. A command on English language makes it easy for them, whatever be their domain of learning. A comprehensive understanding of English language gives them the caliber to unite and gain knowledge of the literatures, news and information being provided all over the world.

A virtual Treasure Trove
Books are known as the best friends of children. Slowly and steadily, books will introduce them to that world where they have to deal with riddles. Coming out of their fairytale fantasies, they realize the importance of literal and practical knowledge in life. So we have made it compulsory for all the students to make reading as a part of their daily routine. Our library which is equipped with more than 3000 books provides an abundant  amount of knowledge to the students of every age group. They can select these books according to their interest and capacity which helps them to acquire knowledge effectively.