Sports & Fitness

Our slogan is, ‘Discipline, Dedication and diligence.’

Together with the development of these basic qualities in ones character, it becomes very important to implement these qualities in them. For this, the most noteworthy aspect is a healthy body.

Children usually acquire complete physical growth in their school-years, therefore, it’s very essential to pay attention on the development of their physical caliber together with the intellectual one. A powerful body is the utmost need for a successful and courageous personality. Physical and athletics training on daily basis is made compulsory for all our students which persists flexibility in them the whole day.

Our school is developing various sports facilities. Distinct grounds and nets are being prepared for football, cricket, basketball and volleyball etc. Furthermore, they will be introduced to the traditional sports of India which inbuilts in them an understanding to our Indian traditions. Kho-kho and kabaddi will be included in their sports calendar.