The Seed

श्रमण – The one who strives

Shraman is a thought, a mission, where we shall work to create a generation Shaped with discipline, dedicated to the betterment of society and fulfils each task with diligence and care. We shall raise young men and women, instilling in them a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. where we wish to train those individuals who will be independent and self-accomplished and those who will have the ability to achieve anything in any condition or at any place or time. Today globalisation is rapidly taking place all over the world. So, there is a high demand of individuals who can provide services and work anywhere even if they are living in any village or town. We need an individual who can achieve his or her goals and who words hard by living at any place or in any circumstances. Shraman High is providing an environment where students get ready for these challenges. They are going to learn from any source which may be books, television or i-pads. They can aquire knowledge from any source of information being provided to them. They can prepare questions from their curiosity and will be able to find answers of those questions on their own. In this kind of educative environment, our teachers will train the students and the students will walk on the path of their ambitions and goals in the prospective guidance. Our mentors who have come from different parts of the country as well as for the world, will introduce the students different cultures and diversities which will help them to acquire a global understanding. We congratulate our teachers and students- ‘the new future stepping stones’, who are now going to be trained in our institution.

Our Team